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10 Best Action Star Character Names of 2023

10 Best Action Star Character Names of 2023

In this crazy and unpredictable world, action heroes with outrageous names have become a reliable source of entertainment for humanity. While tomorrow may hold uncertainty, action movies promise a glimpse into a world where tough guys with macho names kick some serious butt, reminiscent of historical figures like Abraham Lincoln dishing out punishment to naughty folks like Jefferson Davis.

By the way, be on the lookout for the bolded names below because they truly shine. Let’s get started!

Let’s face it, wouldn’t you be excited if you discovered that one of the cinema gods on this list had signed up to play a fallen Army pilot named Brock Diesel, who must reclaim his family in an epic punching contest? And who can resist the sheer awesomeness of these ultimate symbols of masculinity as they slip into their badass leather jackets for one final adventure?

We can all agree that action films boast the most epic character names ever. Sure, there was a strange phase in the early 2000s when action movies aimed for realism, but thankfully that dull period is long gone. Action cinema has once again embraced character names that match the grandeur and flair of these shimmering action stars.

Get ready for an exhilarating countdown of the most manly action star character names. This list is a collection that demands attention and guarantees a thrill. So, pump up those muscles, grab some energy drinks, and let’s dive into the incredible world of the best action movie character names to ever grace the silver screen.

1. Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone
Sylvester Stallone is known for taking on roles that showcase his impressive physique and tough demeanor. In fact, he goes the extra mile by writing and producing most of the movies he appears in. This creative control has allowed him to establish a blueprint for actors like Vin Diesel. Stallone’s tendency to write his own scripts also explains the unique names given to his characters, such as Rocky Balboa from the Rocky series, John Rambo from the Rambo series, and John Spartan from Demolition Man. He has also portrayed characters like Judge Dredd in Judge Dredd, Marion “Cobra” Cobretti in Cobra, and Cosmo Carboni in Paradise Alley. Other notable characters include Machine Gun Joe Viterbo in Death Race 2000, Ray Quick in The Specialist, Henry ‘Razor’ Sharp in Grudge Match, Gabe Walker in Cliffhanger, Raymond Tango in Tango & Cash, Lincoln Hawk in Over the Top, and Kit Latura in Daylight.

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Aside from his iconic role as the T-800 in The Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger has embodied some of the most badass character names in movie history. Let’s take a look at a few of them:

– Trench, from The Expendables series.
– John ‘The Eraser’ Kruger, from the movie Eraser.
– Jericho, in the film End of Days.
– Dutch, his character in Predator.
– Harry Tasker, the protagonist of True Lies.
– Quaid/Hauser, the lead role in Total Recall.
– Ivan Danko, from the action-packed film Red Heat.
– John Matrix, the tough guy in Commando.
– John ‘Breacher’ Wharton, his character in Sabotage.
– Handsome Stranger, although it’s a smaller role in The Villain.
– Kalidor, his character in the lesser-known movie Red Sonja.
– And of course, we can’t forget about Conan the f*cking Barbarian.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has certainly left a mark in the action movie genre with these memorable characters and their badass names.

3. Kurt Russell

Kurt Russell
The ’80s were dominated by Kurt Russell and his tough character names, which is pretty surprising considering he comes across as the friendliest dad at a softball practice. If you’re not familiar with these characters, you might struggle in the vast world of the Internet. Here are some of his memorable roles:

– Grey Smoke in “Laredo”
– Snake Plissken in “Escape from NY/Escape from LA”
– RJ MacReady in “The Thing”
– Reno Hightower in “The Best of Times”
– Steve Stronghold in “Sky High”
– Crunch Calhoun in “The Art of the Steal”
– Stuntman Mike in “Death Proof”
– Wayland Jackson in “Winter People”
– Copper in “The Fox and the Hound”

4. Dolph Lundgren

Dolph Lundgren
Despite holding a Master’s degree in chemical engineering from Sweden’s Royal Institute of Technology, Dolph Lungdren seems to have found his niche in portraying muscular and slick characters. From Arrow’s Konstantin Kovar to The Expendables series’ Gunner Jensen, Lungdren has made a name for himself in playing these types of roles. He has even taken on iconic characters like He-Man from Masters of the Universe and Warchild from Blood of Dragons.

In addition to these notable roles, Lungdren has also been seen as Axel in Blood of Redemption, Maxwell in Ambushed, Max Gatling in Battle of the Damned, and Xander Ronson in Diamond Dogs. He has portrayed characters such as Lance Rockford in The Defender, Frank Cross in The Peacekeeper, and Frank Castle in The Punisher.

Lungdren has also played the infamous villain Ivan Drago in the classic film Rocky IV. With such a diverse range of characters under his belt, it’s clear that Lungdren’s talent and versatility go beyond his academic background in chemical engineering.

5. Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo
Danny Trejo is a well-known actor who has appeared in approximately 350 movies. He is known for playing tough characters with unique names like “Gun Face Charlie.” While it’s nearly impossible to list all of his films, here are some of his most notable roles according to his IMDB profile:

– Johnny Sixtoes in “Inferno”
– Razor Charlie in the “From Dusk Till Dawn” series
– Johnny-23 in “Con Air”
– Machete in “Machete”
– El Patron in “Shuang Dao”
– G-Man in “Eyeborgs”
– Bismarck in “Saint John of Las Vegas”
– Drayke Salgado in “Recoil”
– Tijuanna Maxx in “St. James St. James Presents: Delirium Cinema”
– Jackhammer in “Chronology”
– Aguilar in “The Night Crew”

6. Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris is a versatile actor who has made his mark in Chinese movies alongside renowned Chinese martial artists. He has showcased his skills by going head-to-head with some of the best fighters in the world. Additionally, Norris is known for his strong stance against communism, proving himself to be a formidable opponent both on and off the screen.

Among his notable characters are Chuck Slaughter (Huang Mian Lao Hu), J.J. McQuade (Lone Wolf McQuade), Max Donigan (Firewalker), Cordell Walker from the Walker Texas Ranger series, Frank Shatter (Hellbound), Chuck Norris himself in Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos, and Matt Hunter (Invasion USA).

With his tough-guy persona, Norris has a reputation for being the kind of person you’d want as a father figure. However, it’s best not to mess with him, especially when it comes to his daughter. He’s the type of guy who won’t hesitate to break your neck with his own strength.

7. John Wayne

John Wayne
John Wayne is known for giving his characters strong and butch names, similar to how Led Zeppelin is synonymous with rock and roll. Some of his character names sound like they could easily win a d*ck punching contest. Here are a few examples:

– Rod Drew (The Trail Beyond)
– Biff Smith (California Straight Ahead!)
– Duke Slade (Adventure’s End)
– Stony Brooke (Appeared in eight movies between 1938 and 1939)
– Pittsburgh Markham (Pittsburgh)
– Wedge Donovan (The Fighting Seabees)
– Quirt Evans (Angel and the Badman)
– Michael Patrick “Guns” Donovan (Donovan’s Reef)
– Chance Buckman (Hellfighters)
– Rooster Cogburn (True Grit)
– Col. Cord McNally (Rio Lobo)
– Taw Jackson (The War Wagon)
– Hondo Lane (Hondo)
– Robert Marmaduke Sangster Hightower (3 Godfathers)

8. Lee Marvin

Lee Marvin
Lee Marvin is the epitome of old school tough guys. He belongs to a time when character names were straightforward and lacked any subtlety. Here are some of his iconic character names:

– Col. Harry Wargrave from “Avalanche Express”
– Colonel Flynn O’Flynn from “Shout at the Devil”
– Sam Longwood from “The Great Scout & Cathouse Thursday”
– The Killer from “A Life in the Balance”
– Harry Spikes from “The Spikes Gang”
– Sheriff Track Bascomb from “The Klansman”
– Steel Kelly from “The Twilight Zone”
– Vince Stone from “The Beat Heat”
– The Sergeant from “The Big Red One”
– Meatball from “The Caine Mutiny”

These are just a few examples of Lee Marvin’s characters, each with a distinct and memorable name. Which one of these names do you prefer?

9. Carl Weathers

Carl Weathers
When we think of Carl Weathers, it’s hard not to picture him with his impressively muscular arms in the iconic movie Predator. However, he has played other memorable roles besides that of an oily guy who meets his demise in the jungle. Some of his notable characters include:

– Hugh McKraken in “American Warship”
– Sgt. Jericho “Action” Jackson in “Action Jackson”
– Freddie Wiseman in “The Comebacks”
– Adam Beaudreaux in “Street Justice”
– Apollo Creed in “The Rocky Series”
– Dillon in “Predator”
– Dreamer Tatum in “Semi-Tough”
– Bateman Hooks in “The Hostage Heart”
– Carl Weathers in “Arrested Development”
– Sundog in “Death Hunt”

These diverse roles showcase the versatility of Carl Weathers as an actor, going beyond just his famous portrayal in Predator.

10. Burt Reynolds

Burt Reynolds
What’s the deal with Burt Reynolds? He has this undeniable, tough yet strangely captivating presence. Maybe “captivating” isn’t quite the right word, but it’s the first one that comes to mind. No matter what you want to call his unique, rugged, mustachioed brand of masculinity, he’s portrayed a variety of characters over the years:

– Sam Whiskey in “Sam Whiskey”
– Gator McKlusky in “Gator”
– Stroker Ace in “Stroker Ace”
– Seagrass Lambert in “Hollow Creek”
– Bandit in “Smokey and the Bandit”
– Billy Clyde Puckett in “Semi-Tough”
– Jefferson Steel in “A Bunch of Amateurs”
– John “Chill” McKay in “Hard Ground”
– Hunt Lawton in “Johnson County War”
– Rocky Rhodes in “The Twilight Zone”
– Wood Newton in “Evening Shade”
– Logan McQueen in the “Hard Time” series
– The Assassin in “Ripcord”
– Quint in “Gunsmoke”
– Navajo Joe in “Navajo Joe”

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