What's New NetflixNews10 Best Horror Movies to Survive the Graveyard Shift (2023)

10 Best Horror Movies to Survive the Graveyard Shift (2023)

10 Best Horror Movies to Survive the Graveyard Shift (2023)

Horror movies are famous for their wide range of thrills, but one thing you can always expect is some unlucky soul meeting their demise. It’s like a timeless duo – spine-chilling films and the specter of death. If you don’t experience at least one heart-stopping moment throughout the entire movie, can you even consider it a true horror flick? Whether it’s characters grieving the loss of loved ones, victims falling prey to a relentless killer, or the ultimate downfall of the antagonist, death is sure to make an appearance in some shape or form. It can be disheartening and even a tad melancholic to witness a beloved character breathe their last, especially when you believe their fate could have been easily avoided. Our readers at Graveyard Shift have been engaged in a captivating discussion about which horror movies they believe would offer the best chance of survival, and you have to admire their confidence. So, out of these bone-chilling films, which do you think you could conquer and emerge victorious? Let’s plunge into the depths of the unknown and discover the answer!

1. Jaws

According to Facebook commenter Robert P, he has a strong aversion to getting in the water because of the movie Jaws.

Another Facebook commenter, Cody B, simply echoed the sentiment by stating “Jaws.” Their advice is straightforward – to avoid any potential danger, it’s best to stay out of the water completely, represented by the water wave emoji, the symbol for “no entry,” and a shark emoji.

2. Halloween

Here are some rewritten paragraphs in a neutral and informal tone:

According to Facebook commenter Charlie B, Halloween has become so predictable that they can anticipate what will happen even before it does. They find it quite amusing!

Another Facebook commenter, Chelsey H, believes that Haddonfield, Illinois, the setting of Halloween, is purely fictional. In their opinion, the place simply doesn’t exist.

Meanwhile, David R suggests a simple solution for Halloween in Haddonfield: leave town a few days before the holiday and return a few days after. This way, one can avoid any potential chaos or spooky encounters.

3. The Strangers

The Strangers
I came across this comment on Facebook by Rhiannon M, and it got me thinking about the movie ‘The Strangers’. Rhiannon points out something that frustrates me too – the protagonist always seems to make questionable decisions. For instance, she manages to make it outside, away from the lights, only to trap herself in a shed and eventually run back to the house. It’s so frustrating to watch! Every time I see that scene, I can’t help but yell at her, urging her to run somewhere with no walls.

4. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Here are some comments from Facebook users about the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre, with a common sentiment being to avoid going to Texas:

– Cassidy B: “Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Just never go to Texas.”

– Earl Jay R: “Texas Chainsaw, just don’t go to Texas.”

– Chris T: “Texas Chainsaw Massacre… Just don’t go to Texas!”

5. The Others

The Others
From a Facebook commenter named Rosie M:

“The Others… they’re so inconspicuous, you wouldn’t even notice their presence.”

6. Scream

According to a Facebook commenter named Dani L, they have a deep love for the movie Scream. Even if they were a teenager home alone, their initial reaction would have been to lock themselves in their parents’ room with their guns.

Another Facebook commenter, Kayla C, shared their thoughts on Scream. They simply stated that they would not answer their phone.

Alana Champion B, yet another Facebook commenter, also mentioned Scream. Their response was that they never answer their phone.

Lastly, Rachel Hess H had a humorous response to Scream. They joked about letting Ghostface, the iconic killer from the movie, go straight to voicemail. Ha-ha!

7. Trick ‘r Treat

Trick 'r Treat
Comment from Amanda M on Facebook:
“Trick ‘r Treat… I would never disrespect Halloween, so Sam and I would get along great! ”

Comment from Vicki W on Facebook:
“Trick ‘r Treat. Just follow the rules of Halloween and you’ll live, or The Ring. Don’t watch the tape.”

8. The Ring

The Ring
Comment from Rob W on Facebook:

I don’t have a VCR, so if she wants to reach a wider audience, she should release The Ring on Netflix or something. That way, I think she’d have better success.

Comment from Martha M on Facebook:

As for The Ring, my advice is simple: just don’t watch the freaking movie.

9. Christine

From Cody T on Facebook:

Christine, find a high platform that a car cannot dislodge.

10. The Ring

The Ring

Emma Isabella
Emma Isabella
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