What's New NetflixNewsTop 10 Best Best Forgotten Movies & TV Shows of 2023

Top 10 Best Best Forgotten Movies & TV Shows of 2023

Top 10 Best Best Forgotten Movies & TV Shows of 2023

Enthusiastic fans of television and movies are indulging in a delightful trip down memory lane, fondly recalling hidden gems and treasured childhood classics. This surge of nostalgia is resurfacing long-forgotten memories, as people eagerly share their encounters with spine-tingling scenes from “All Dogs Go To Heaven” and relive the golden era of Nickelodeon. These captivating shows and films occupy a cherished corner in people’s hearts, leaving an indelible mark on their formative years. Prepare to be swept away as we delve into the captivating series and films currently igniting passionate conversations.

1. All Dogs Go to Heaven’

All Dogs Go to Heaven'
From Redditor u/astridsdragon:

All Dogs Go To Heaven.

This movie was pretty traumatic, even though it was supposed to be for kids. It felt like a nightmare turned into a film.

Basically, it’s about dogs involved in gambling and drug use…

From Redditor u/14thCluelessbird:

Wasn’t there a scene where they went to hell? That was pretty intense for a kids movie.

Twitter Embed:

Jesse McLaren @McJesse · Follow

Remember that time they made a movie called All Dogs Go To Heaven and the first thing that happens is a dead dog is cast from heaven and told he can never come back?

7:08 PM · Feb 3, 2022

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2. Rikki-Tikki-Tavi’

Redditor u/HoleCogan is absolutely smitten with this movie. They can’t contain their excitement when Rikki does his little bun shaking back and forth, his eyes glowing, and that sound he makes right before attacking Nag and Nagina!

Redditor u/jennysing reminisces about the good old days when you had to catch the movie when it aired. No DVR or anything like that. But they can still hear that adorable little trill sound Rikki made. It’s a cherished memory for them.

Nonchalant Charlotte, a Twitter user with the handle @jellybnbonanza, recalls their 12-year-old self making a profound statement. They compare themselves to Rikki Tikki Tavi, urging others to grab life by the cobra and not let go until they tear it up. Unfortunately, their wise words were cut short by their principal, concluding their 6th grade graduation ceremony.

Nathan Wurtzel, a Twitter user, believes that knowing who Rikki Tikki Tavi is almost like a secret password for the Generation X crowd.

3. The Black Cauldron’

The Black Cauldron'
For years, none of my friends believed that The Black Cauldron existed. I saw it in the theater, and never saw it again until several years ago. Convincing my friends that it existed (before the internet) was no easy task.

According to a tweet from @ArtofLostandCan, The Black Cauldron had 12 minutes of footage cut down after negative test screenings. These scenes included some heavily graphic moments where henchmen melted and turned to bones after being attacked. As a result of the censorship, there are skips in the movie’s soundtrack.

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4. The Pagemaster’

The Pagemaster'
I remember the movie Pagemaster. It’s the one where MacAulay Culkin gets sucked into different books in a library. I loved it as a kid but haven’t watched it since then.

There’s a tweet from Jon DeHaan that caught my attention. He’s still waiting for a Pagemaster/Evil Dead crossover where the Necronomicon takes cartoon Macaulay Culkin on a crazy adventure. It sounds like a horror-filled ride!

The tweet has 499 likes and 29 replies.

5. The World of David the Gnome’

The World of David the Gnome'
Redditor u/Thenightswatchman mentioned a TV show called David the Gnome, featuring a character riding a fox named Swift. They couldn’t recall many other details about the show.

In an episode, Redditor u/alleycat2332 shared that the fox got injured and David used medicinal grasses to help it recover. However, when they were young, they misunderstood and thought any different grass would work. They ended up rubbing crabgrass on their leg after scraping it, resulting in puffy red skin.

Redditor u/Snooty_Goat warned against watching the last episode of David the Gnome, implying a negative experience.

Contrarily, Redditor u/Metzger4Sheriff suggested watching the last episode, stating that although it might have been traumatic as a child, it was reassuring for them as an adult. They found it to be a memorable ending.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, on Twitter, asked if anyone remembers the show David the Gnome.

In response, Twitter user @KirbyNYC mentioned that they still refer to every fox they see as “Swift.”

6. Rock-a-Doodle’

Redditor u/Line-Trash sings “Sun Why Don’t You Shine” at work all the time, and their colleagues think they’re crazy.

Twitter user @KaiserBeamz recently made an exciting discovery for Thanksgiving Week: the 1991 Macy’s Day Parade featured a Rock-a-Doodle float! This is the kind of knowledge they live for.

Another Twitter user, Geneva (@cartoonfuntime), still feels stressed about how small the girl bird is in Rock-a-Doodle.

These tweets generated a lot of engagement, with numerous replies and discussions.

7. Fly Away Home

Fly Away Home
Redditor u/Spoony_bard909 had an unexpected love for a movie about geese. Who would have thought?

Jesse Thorn (he/him) shared his thoughts on the movie Fly Away Home on Twitter. He mentioned that it was the best movie he didn’t watch as a child but enjoyed watching with his kids. The film is a heartfelt family drama about a girl and her dad who build a flying machine to assist some geese. Thorn described it as a beautiful film with deep emotions and excellent craftsmanship.

8. Ewoks: The Battle for Endor’

Ewoks: The Battle for Endor'
According to a Redditor named u/GoBoltsAmelie88, there is a movie set on the Ewok planet (not Return of the Jedi) where a little girl and her brother crash land and receive assistance from the Ewoks. In one scene, they get trapped in a massive spiderweb, and one of them is pulled underwater by a lake that is as smooth as glass and cannot break the surface.

Another Redditor named u/InsuranceThen9352 states that the first movie being referred to is called Caravan of Courage. They mention that the sequel, Battle for Endor, is even better. They highly recommend both films and reveal that they recently watched Battle for Endor on Disney+.

A Twitter user with the handle @emily_onthego, who goes by the name momofgreymadder, shares their personal experience with the Ewok movies. They claim to have watched Caravan of Courage and Battle for Endor so many times during their childhood that they started speaking in Ewokese.

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9. We’re Back!: A Dinosaur Story’

We're Back!: A Dinosaur Story'
Redditor u/lilac-aesthetic mentioned that this movie is one of their all-time favorites. They particularly enjoy Professor Screw Eyes as a classic villain and find the little girl who wants the hat to be quite touching in the beginning.

Redditor u/kooshipuff shared lyrics from the movie, saying, “Roll back the rock, turn back the clock. Roll back the rock to the dawn of time and sing this song with me.”

An embedded tweet was also included in the post. It featured a movie poster for “We’re Back! A Dinosaur’s Story” (1993), directed by Dick Zondag, Ralph Zondag, Phil Nibbelink, and Simon Wells. The movie was written by John Patrick Shanley. The tweet was submitted by @OfficialBilly_R at 7:50 PM on August 31, 2020, and received 976 interactions. There were 22 replies to the tweet.

10. The Mouse And The Motorcycle’

The Mouse And The Motorcycle'
From Redditor u/Objective_Kangaroo34:

I made a little helmet using a ping pong ball. My brother and I were huge fans of this movie! We had a VHS tape of it, recorded from a TV special, commercials and all. Those were some good times.

From Redditor u/ShiraCheshire:

I have such fond memories of the book. There was this one scene where a kid asks the mouse how he makes the motorcycle go, and the mouse simply says he makes motorcycle noises and it works. As a kid, I thought, “Oh, of course, that makes sense.” Looking back now, it’s absolutely hilarious.

From Redditor u/jredmond:

And to reverse, instead of saying “vroom vroom,” he says “moorv moorv.” That’s pure genius.

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The Mouse and the Motorcycle premiered on ABC Weekend Specials on this day in 1986. It’s based on the children’s novel written by Beverly Cleary. #80s #80stv

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